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Blue Iris 5.0 by Perspective Software

Blue Iris 5.0 by Perspective Software

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This is the 64 Camera License of Blue Iris 5.0.

License key will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. Download the software here.

Blue Iris Rocks! If you're using HD cameras make sure you have some CPU horsepower:

1-4 HD Cameras: Core i3 or Higher

4-8 HD Cameras: Core i5 or Higher

8+ HD Cameras Core i7 or Xeon (Made after 2011).

What is Blue Iris?

Use up to 64 cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop). Capture JPEG snapshots or capture movies in standard MP4, AVI, advanced DVR, or Windows Media file formats.

Overlay text and graphics. Use the built-in web server, or post to a website. Push to a Flash or Windows media server.

Besides the built in mobile web site that Blue Iris comes with (web server), we also have mobile apps so you can bring your Blue Iris with you, anywhere! Our applications are available on Android and iOS. The features include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage multiple Blue Iris installations.
  • Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection.
  • Receive push alerts when a Blue Iris camera is triggered or there is a critical status message.
  • Fast H.264 streaming.
  • Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the Blue Iris PC.
  • Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the Blue Iris PC.
  • Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping.
  • Review recordings as stored on the Blue Iris PC, up to 64x speed.
  • Selectively delete recordings from the Blue Iris PC.
  • Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices.
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