Vintage motherboard meets Volty Switch in our production line. (2023) Posted on 20 Nov 10:19

We needed a quick way to top off Volty Switch's battery before sending them out, here's a Slot 1 Pentium II motherboard adapted into a charging rig: this reduces our alligator clip count in half (+1 tied to the motherboard ground)!

128MB of ram was considered hot shit back when this board was made. Maybe some day, Volty will have equivalent horsepower under its epoxy?

Fisheye Cameras (2013) Posted on 2 Feb 11:17

Brief Demonstration of GeoVisions 1st Generation FishEye Cameras (2013).

What's: Awesome:

  • Extreme SQ-FT Coverage per Camera
  • Navigating Footage with defish filter on is really nice.
  • Doesn't really look like a camera.

What's not so cool:

  • Software not so intuitive... Give it time
  • Remote access does not defish the image
  • Low light capability is nada...