Flashlight Backpack for Leatherman ARC

$ 30.00

Add a Quick Burst of Light to Your Leatherman ARC.

This super slim flashlight backpack can provide up to a sustained 10 minutes of constant discharge before the batteries need a rest. The recovery characteristics are great when using silver oxide batteries (2 sets Included). This little flashlight is best for brief use, it's not designed for constant illumination.

  • Focused Beam: 10-degree beam angle, perfect for checking a bag, checking a fuse, inserting keys into a lock or any task where you need some close up, spot illumination.

  • Front facing LED:  the front LED reflects slightly off the ARC's larger screw and puts a nice band of light near your feet when buttons are facing the ground. Please note your eyes must be adjusted to the darkness for this effect to be noticeable.

  • Rear facing LED: Illuminate the ground without removing the ARC from your belt. The rear LED reflects off the ARC's body providing wider flood coverage while sacrificing about 1/2 spot. This spills more light on the ground when the buttons are facing the ground. Due to occlusion, the LEDs do not directly illuminate the folding tools of the ARC.

  • Batteries Included: We include 2 sets of Silver Oxide Cells (4 batteries total). We have tested Renata 377 for dimensional compatibility. We highly recommend buying replacements from reputable sources such as Digikey or Battery Junction.

  • If you have trouble getting the batteries out, fully remove the screws from and use the small opening to insert a needle or hobby blade to assist in battery extraction.
  • The batteries directly contact the surface of your ARC to complete the series circuit: in our tests the battery cans are the softer material so it should not scuff up your tool. Long term testing has not been done.

  • Mounting Screws Included: Head type and/or screw color may vary from photos. Flashy mounts to the 2 unused mounting holes on the Leatherman ARC.

Please expect up to 2 weeks lead time for shipping of Flashy. The email you get us saying it's shipped is us making labels in advance. If you order other products from us, Flashy will ship separately.