Volty Bit for Leatherman Multi-tools

$ 25.00

Original Volty: a keychain DC voltmeter. It is modeled after Leatherman's bit inserts. Put one on your keychain and click it into your leatherman for instant DC Voltage Readings!

  • Volty does not require batteries, it should last you a lifetime.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Read DC voltages from 2.5 - 30VDC.
  • Resolution: 0.1VDC
  • Testing induces a small load showing a batteries true state of health.
  • Electronics encapsulated in epoxy for long tool life.
  • Gold Plated Probe and Shank
  • Leatherman not required, use anything conductive to test batteries!
  • Use at your own risk, wear proper safety gear especially with big batteries.
  • Waterproof (Do not use when wet)



Leatherman Compatibility:

We are shipping volty with an "untrimmed" shank. We made volty slightly larger than it needs to be due to manufacturing tolerances in printed circuit boards. You will need to trim one of the 4 edges of volty's shank with a file or knife edge to get a proper fit that "clicks" into place. So far we have confirmed compatibility with the following models:

  • Leatherman Signal
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Leatherman Skeletool
  • Leatherman Surge
  • Leatherman Bit Extender

Verified not compatible: Leatherman Arc cannot store the bit but it will work to take readings.

Some slight trimming may be required.

We design, build and program Volty here in Minneapolis, MN USA.

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