PC Doodle Ruler

$ 50.00

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Made in the USA.

PC Doodle Ruler Specifications:

  • Electrical Field Meter
  • Magnet Locator
  • High Accuracy Temperature (-10 °F - 140°F)
  • High Accuracy Humidity (0-100% RH)
  • Volty™ : 0-28V DC Battery Meter (0.1V Resolution)
  • Continuity Beeper for Fuses / Resistors
  • Emergency Flashlight (Up to 24 Hours)
  • Replaceable Battery (CR2032) Included.
  • Backup Battery Included (10 Year Shelf Life).
  • Battery Test Leads Included.
  • Light Weight: 1oz Including Battery.
  • Leather Carry Case Included.
  • Designed to last a long time (Buy it for life).



EMF Meter:

The 4 LED scale on the meter is based upon Voltage Peaks over time. The Meter is directional: you can point the PC Doodle Ruler on axis to locate the source.

  • Detects most unshielded electronics plugged into the grid.
  • Detects most battery powered wifi / cellular transmissions at close distance to the antenna.
  • Privacy: Check if electronics are still emitting when “Off”, Airplane Mode or unplugged.
  • 4 Sensitivity Levels.

Do not use the EMF Toner to confirm the presence or absence of HIGH VOLTAGE WIRES!

Magnet Locator:

  • Quickly Locate Magnets through Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Steel and Wood Surfaces.
  • Assists Drilling Positions using a strong neodymium magnet as a location “beacon”
  • Magnetic Polarity Detection (North or South).
  • Paranormal Research Applications ;)
  • Bury Treasure and find it again!
  • 4 Sensitivity Levels.

    Emergency Flashlight (3000K Warm White):

    • Use the meter LEDs as a flashlight.
    • Warm White 3000k.
    • 4 Brightness Modes.

    Temperature Sensor:

    • -10 °F to 140 °F.
    • Long Sensor Lifetime.
    • Can be switched between °C and °F (Default is  °C).
    • Temperature Hold mode for placing directly in HVAC Vent/refrigerator/freezer.

    Do not use the ruler in environments above 140°F / 60°C.

    Humidity Sensor:

    • Detection Range: 0 - 100% RH
    • Real Time and High/Low Hold.
    • Long sensor lifetime.


    DC Volt Meter:

    • Test batteries up to 28V DC
    • 0.1V Resolution
    • Beep On Change for finding parasitic power draw in Cars/Trucks/Boats.
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Gold Plated Test terminals.
    • LOW/HIGH hold mode for battery under load diagnostics.

    Continuity Beeper:

    • Test Fuses and Resistors Out Of Circuit.
    • Beeper threshold can be set to 100, 1K or 10K Ohms