CL Automator: Software to renew and repost craigslist ads automatically.

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CL Automator is a small program that runs in the background (System tray) of any windows based PC and has a daily schedule to renew and repost your ads for you.

You still post and manage your ads through craigslist like normal, Automator just keeps the ads well placed and reposted so you can spend more time not on craiglist :)





  • All versions of windows are supported (Up to Windows 10, tested with most recent creators update).
  • Small footprint, Runs in the system tray and only shows when needed.
  • Keeps your ads at the top of craigslist search results every 48 hours.
  • Reposts your ads automatically when they expire.
  • Detects logout and logs back in to monitor, repost and renew.
  • Reposting includes pictures.
  • Your ads will stay up until they are deleted or flagged.
  • Free minor and major version updates

Want a free copy? If you have a blog and write a little blurb about CL Automator, we'll hook you up with a free license. Email Us