IP Auto Dialer Pro System w/110db Siren: Insteon® Compatible Alarm

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  • AutoDialer uses your internet connection to Dial Phones and Send SMS Text Messages when the alarm is tripped. (VoIP Subscription Included).
  • Use your existing Insteon Sensors as Alarm Sensors (Door, Motion, I/O Linc, Water Leak, etc.)
  • Control your Lights and Thermostat when you ARM the system with custom timers.
  • 110db Siren (LOUD) with included 12VDC Power Supply, control it with an appliance module or LampLinc controller.
  • 3 Wireless 5 Button Keyfobs.
  • Lifetime SMTP Gateway w/No Fees (Cloudless SMTP).


Built In Auto Dialer:

Add up to 10 phone numbers to your Alert Contact List for instant phone calls and SMS Messages. There is no delay between calls, Phone Dialing is Simultaneous. If your phone is roaming or has a crappy signal, getting a real phone call is super important! The offending zone is spoken along with your custom message. Notifications always come from the same phone number so you can set an appropriate ring tone for the incoming calls and text notifications. There are no apps required to give access to your system, If someone changes their phone, they can still login to the system with full control via the text message they receive.


AC Power Loss Detection

AlarmLab Integrates with all APC UPS Battery Backup Systems that have an onboard USB port. When the grid goes down the AutoDialer will contact your alert list and notify that the main grid is down.


Insteon® Compatible:

Adjusts your Insteon Thermostat when you leave


Night Time Perimeter Protection

AlarmLab has a powerful feature called “Night Mode”. At Night, only your perimeter sensors will call or text to notify you of any activity that needs attention.

Put a motion sensor in your Car, Backyard, Boat Dock, Etc. to be alerted if someone breeches your Perimeter Protection Zone at night.

Vacation Mode

Leaving for a while? Vacation mode keeps your system armed while you're away by disabling your normal home schedules. While you're on vacation you can remotely log into your system and check the status to make sure everything is OK.

Sunrise Simulation

AlarmLab is also a graceful alarm clock for the morning. You program your wake schedule and AlarmLab turns your Insteon or Z-Wave lights into Sunrise Simulators. 30 Minutes before you wake up, AlarmLab will slowly increase the brightness of your specified lights over a 30 minute period until they reach full brightness!

Cell Phone Detection via 802.11 Wireless

When you get home, The AutoDialer will detect your cell phones presence on the wireless network and disarm the system for you. When you leave, the count down is delayed until all programmed phones fully disconnect from your home wireless internet connection and the system will resume the ARMING countdown.

Other Features:

  • Scheduler allows your system to Arm, Disarm and Set Night mode automatically.
  • Use an Insteon Wall switch to ARM the ALARM by double clicking the switch off in your entryway.
  • Reduce ‘phantom power draw’ in your home or business by having AlarmLab automatically turn off Lights, TVs & Amplifiers, Printers, Lamps, Battery chargers, Workbench Lighting, and more when you Arm the system or set Night Mode.
  • Make it look like you’re home when you're on vacation by scheduling lights and appliances modules to turn on and off at specific times.
  • AlarmLab makes your home or business get angry at potential bad actors, Respond to problems with Direct Dial Notifications, SMS Texts, Powerful Sirens, Turning Lights On and SMS Video Linking.
  • Remotely Control and check the status of your home on iOS, Android, Mac & PC and more!
  • Supports STMP email notifications.
  • Supports IFTTT For unifying all your smart home devices.
  • Integration with BlueIris NVR Video Systems: Add Sensors to your Cameras.
  • Requires Insteon Hub or Insteon USB PLM (Portable or Dual Band) for Insteon Support.
  • Does not rely on the cloud for local operations.
  • Integrates with your Insteon Wall Switches, Lamp Controllers, Appliance Modules, Insteon I/O Linc 4CH Relays, and many other devices. Link Insteon Devices to Z-Wave Devices.
  • 1 Year Premium VoIP Dialing and SMS service included. ($99/Year Renewal). No Yearly fee for SMTP or Push Notifications.

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