Wireless Freezer Alarm Sensor ALR-30

$ 99.00

      • Lithium Battery Sensor ALR-30 Lasts up to 10 Years (9V Lithium)
      • ALR-30 Detects temperature rising above your set threshold
      • Each sensor is unique, you can name each freezer so you know which one failed
      • 5 Foot Stainless Steel Freezer Probe
      • Integrate up to 128 ALR-30's into one IP Auto Dialer Pro
      • 300 foot maximum distance from Freezer Sensor to Auto Dialer.
      • Not compliant for food safety, you must have a calibrated sensor on each freezer to verify you are within the limits, We will not be held responsible for your usage of this system.

About the system:

Grand Ole Creamery in St. Paul Minnesota wanted to protect their inventory in their fleet of freezers. PC Poodle was asked if we were up for the challenge to come up with a system that could provide early warning of freezer failure. We didn't want to wire in each freezer in a closed loop and didn't want to worry about changing batteries every six months. We developed ALR-30 with a 10 year battery life in mind and integrating into our deadly simple alarm dialer solution (IPAutoDialer). If you have any questions on the operation of this system, do not hesitate to give us a call.