MacOS and Windows Screen Recording System for Blue Iris

$ 60.00

Stealth screen recorder that runs in the background on MacOS, PC, Linux, POS Terminals and more.

RSC Requires Blue Iris Software, you can purchase it here.

You want another level of awareness at your place of work, mixing security cameras with remote screen capture is an excellent way to audit productivity of terminals being used at your facility. With RSC, you can view every computer screen at your place of business on your phone, laptop or local company terminal.

There’s a old saying: “Trust, but verify”. Use this software regularly to make sure excessive surfing is not becoming an issue and to prevent these habits from becoming part of your company culture.

If you do not have an in house IT guy to setup RSC, we will give you a free assessment for remote deployment (After hours available for covert installation).

System Requirements for Monitored Computers:

MacOS 10.7 or Later

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (x86 and x64 Editions Supported).



Q: Will RSC slow down my internet connection?

A: No, all recording is done locally on your own network.


Q: How much network bandwidth does the system use?

A: Very Little, Bandwidth is dependent upon your screen resolution and frames per second. Here's an example rate:

1080P @ 1 FPS = 12KB (Kilobytes Per Second)


Q: Can I watch remotely?

A: Yes, watch live views and previous records from anywhere and without monthly fees!


Q: How Many Computers can I monitor with one server?

A: This depends on the CPU horsepower of your server computer. This is a highly simplified list but can be used as general rule of thumb:


Intel Core i3-2120 Server: 20 Computers @ 1FPS

Intel Core i5-4690K Server: 40 Computers @ 1FPS

Intel Core i7-6700k Server: 60 Computers @ 1FPS


Q: Does RSC run silently in the background?

A: Yes, both Windows and Macintosh version have no system tray or dock/taskbar icon. Once installation is complete you can access the password protected configuration screen by pressing a hot key combination.


Q: Does RSC require a Static IP for monitored terminals?

A: Yes, you will need to use static IPs  or DHCP reservations in your router / DHCP Server.


Q: Does RSC record constantly or only when the computer is being used?

A: Your Blue Iris recording server will use motion detection to determine if a person is using the computer. 


Q: How long can I keep video records for?

A: This depends on frame rate, screen resolution and number of PCs,

Let’s assume the following:

10 computers being used heavily 8 hours per day:

500GB Drive 20 Days
1TB Drive 40 Days
2TB Drive 80 Days
4TB Drive 160 Days
5TB Drive 200 Days
6TB Drive 240 Days
8TB Drive 320 Days


Q: How do I uninstall RSC?

A: For Mac, open your Applications Folder and Delete the RCS Folder to the trash. On PC you will open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ to Delete the RCS Folder.