USB Server Room Monitoring: Temperature, Humidity, Power Outage and Air Quality

$ 135.99

AlarmLab USB Environmental Monitor: Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5 Air Quality and Power Outage


  • Plugs into a USB port: Windows, MacOS or Raspberry Pi Supported.
  • 5 Sensor Zones: Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5/PM10 Air Quality and Power Outage / Recovery.
  • Calls and SMS texts up to 10 people when your readings go out of range. Control your alert frequency with a custom “cool down” period for each zone.
  • Laser Based Particle Sensor with air circulating fan, Low False Alarm PM2.5, PM10 readings, Threshold alert levels, voice annunciator and SMS/VoIP alerts.
  • Get a phone call when the power goes out or resumes operation (requires a UPS battery backup w/USB Interface).
  • No monthly fees, Dialing credits roll over automatically.


AlarmLab EVM runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux. The built in auto dialing / sms capability will notify up to 10 people when the sensors go out of range. There are no monthly fees for the auto dialer and 500 Voice Dialing / SMS credits are included with the system. Each sensor zone has a customizable cool down period so you can limit the amount of notifications that get sent during an alarm. Sensor readings can be logged to CSV or plain text. Temperature and humidity zones have a high and low thresholds for alerts. Power outage alerts are detected by using a UPS battery backup system with a USB port (This keeps your router and computer online during a power outage). Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7-10, Windows Server 2008 -2016, MacOS 10.7 or higher, Raspberry Pi and x86/x64 Debian Linux.